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A Special Tie-Fighter to be in The Force Awakens? UPDATED with image

January 1st, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


Tie Fighter

If you think about it, the ships of Star Wars are just as important as the people who pilot them. The Millennium Falcon, the Twilight (from Clone Wars), X & Y Wings, and of course Star Destroyers and Tie-Fighters, each are just as iconic as the person driving them.

In the trailer for The Force Awakens we already saw returns of classic Star Wars ships, but a new rumor says there will be a special modified Tie-Fighter making an appearance as well.

Check out the description below, then let us know what you think about this possible new ship!

“The TIE Starfighter (a name I’ve given it for descriptive purposes) is entirely black. The hull of the TIE isn’t a ball. Instead its sort of grenade shaped with the circular TIE window on one end. Imagine a huge boxy grenade made in Mine Craft, now put a TIE’s face on it and make it black. The wings are shaped like Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced. However, each wing has thrusters in the rear center of the wings. The thrusters are shaped like an oval race track and fire of red in this depiction.

The ship is very angular. There’s no roundness to the wings. The plating or solar panel looking areas on the wings are almost patterned like Velcro hooks (the non-fuzzy side of a piece of Velcro). The wings arc up really high and seem to offer the hull a little protection on the top. The bottom of the wings do not offer an protection to the underbelly as there are two laser guns there that are thin and pointy.

The underside of the wings feature no “solar panel” at all but the wire-frame of the wing is still there. It appears the cover added by the top wings in this design compensate for it. To me the design read as if they removed the excess panels for speed. The connectors that connect the wings to the body have holes in them, which I also assume are for speed and to reduce drag, design-wise.”


Indierevolver have posted the piece of concept art below which does match the description above and also, most interestingly, features the classic Tie Fighters too, which we saw in the Trailer last month.

What do you reckon? Will this bad boy appear in the movie? And is it just us or does it sort of look like those troopers are waiting for someone important to come out of that door?

prototype tie fighter

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