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Are we getting a Hasbro combined universe with Transformers and Power Rangers?

October 4th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

A huge week so far as rumors fly that Hasbro are currently attempting to consolidate their creations into the one massive universe.

These rumors come from Mike Sutton, self professed geek and head of Geekosity.

Sutton has spoke to people inside Hasbro and has an original take on what could be happening: “Hasbro still has dreams of weaving together its properties into a single, cohesive cinematic universe, and they would love for the Power Rangers to be a significant part of it. According to insiders I spoke to, there are talks of the Power Rangers co-existing in the same universe as the Transformers.”

Now, this being said, if it is to happen then it won’t be involving the Transformer movies done by Michael Bay, this will all be happening after the Bumblebee movie.

A Power Rangers crossover isn’t exactly new news, just last week we brought you the review of BOOM and IDW’s special Power Ranger and TMNT crossover, and that was just a drop in the bucket as we’ve also seen ones with GI Joe, Action Man, Micronauts, MASK and various others, but if they do a GI Joe crossover, could that be included in the new Snake Eyes that’s currently in production?

Hasbro has a wide variety of heroes to choose from (I’d kill for a Transformers/MASK crossover – Ed) for their cinematic universe, I can only hope that they choose wisely and cast well, cos this could either be their savior or their downfall. For now we shall leave you with this to ponder and let us know if you come to the same conclusion we did, this could be huge. Stay nerdy folks.

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