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Can You Bet on the Endings of Your Favorite Movies?

May 20th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Of all the betting possibilities that exist today with bookies, betting on the endings of your favorite movies would be one of the most exciting ones. Imagine watching Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi with other people, provided that its 1983 and you all are seeing the movie for the first time, and you bet that the movie will end with Darth Vader dead. Imagine what would be the odds for a bet that he is Luke’s father, one of the most iconic and shocking turnovers in cinematic history.

Quite interesting, but very unlikely to happen. It’s more likely to find your favorite movie as a casino game like some found at or Las Vegas than to be able to bet on the actual movie ending. It can be achieved, but can be unpractical.

First of all, the betting would have to happen in a controlled environment. It can’t happen in the conventional way like betting on live sports games. The movie has been filmed and no one can stop from getting the information out about the ending of the movie. Spoilers will be everywhere, as is the case nowadays, and bets would be fixed.

In order to perform this kind of betting the entire industry will have to change and evolve around the betting industry, which in the end would suck. But, nevertheless, the notion is interesting. The only way you can make this work is to bet with your own friends on a movie that you all haven’t seen at all in a controlled situation at home.

However, there is one betting possibility regarding movies that you may didn’t know of. It’s betting on the box office and how much a movie would make in its first weeks of showing or after some time. This can be done via specialized exchanges or through conventional online sports betting websites. You can find these bets in the Specials section where you can find weird betting opportunities like betting on the next president etc.

This is the closest you will get to betting on movies. Maybe someone will find a way to make betting on the endings of movies possible without corrupting the cinematic industry or the very betting itself, but until then you will have to satisfy your hunger with traditional sports, box office betting and other specials. As far as the Internet is concerned, there hasn’t been a documented case of betting on movie endings in a way in which this kind of betting was standardized with rules and everything by some betting establishment.

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