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Could Rey be set for a Darth Maul type double bladed lightsaber?

February 6th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

movie-news-banner-copyrey the force awakens

As if Rey wasn’t an awesome enough character from what we’ve seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it looks as though her galactic badassery could reach new heights in the next movie.

​Yes, it’s looking pretty likely that Rey will be given a double-sided lightsaber in Star Wars Episode VIII – and we happen to be completely on board with this idea!

A video of Daisy Ridley’s stunt double Chloe Bruce has gone viral, showing her kicking ass with some kind of fighting staff – which would be a complete waste if she didn’t get to show it on screen.

Now, we know the footage was released before the movie came out and we suspect that this is training for the scenes where Rey kicks ass with her staff, before realising she’s a Jedi… but a group of Nerds can dream, right?

Most fans are expecting for it to be revealed that Rey – the Jakku scavenger turned lightsaber-wielding badass at the heart of The Force Awakens​ – is in fact the daughter of either Luke or his sister Leia.

Rey’s true identity has become the most talked about part of The Force Awakens story, with a wide variety of differing theories purporting who she is and isn’t.

There’s also a theory that claims she’s Han Solo’s daughter too, which would make her related to Kylo Ren. Let that sink in for a little while. .

Whatever happens, we hope to see her yielding a double-edged lightsaber in Star Wars 8, fulfilling her potential as a Force user and a totally kick-ass Jedi apprentice, under the wise tutelage of Luke Skywalker of course.

Thanks to the folks at Squareeyed for the scoop.

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