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DC Comics’ Jim Lee says there’s no plans for any more Snyderverse stuff to be made

July 21st, 2022 by Marc Comments

So, if you’re even half interested in the kind of stuff we write and talk about, you’ll likely know the story behind the Snyder Cut and the so-called Snyderverse at DC/Warners.

If you’re not then, in a nutshell, after Zack Snyder made Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, Warners Bros, who were not happy with how they performed, massively rewrote his Justice League movie, which he was in the middle of filming, and after the death of his daughter, they replaced Snyder with Joss Whedon who massively changed Justice League, resulting in the movie that hit cinemas being a mess and almost being the end of the DCEU. After all this, fans decided to create a campaign to get Snyder’s original vision for Justice League released and, in March 2021, during lockdown, Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released on HBO Max and, for all intends and purposes, was a much better movie and a hit for the streaming service.

This gave the fans hope that perhaps Snyder’s original five-movie vision for the DCEU might be reinstated and that became known as the Snyderverse and, we’re not going to lie, the whole story sounds like it would be an epic adventure – you can read all about it here.

Obviously there’s much more to the story than this, but at its heart, that’s it all.

So, with SDCC returning this year after two years’ absence due to that damned virus and perhaps emboldened by the news that Henry Cavill might be appearing at the Black Adam panel (here), many fans believed that we’re going to get good news about Justice League 2 & 3 getting the greenlight with Snyder being brought back to direct his vision… finally.

So, at tonight’s SDCC preview event, a fan asked Jim Lee, Publisher and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics and an executive producer for Wonder Woman 1984, if there was any plans for the restoration of the Snyderverse. After all, Lee is involved in the movies and would certainly be in the know.

Saying that the Snyder Cut was ‘Zack’s vision’ and ‘satisfying’, Lee seemingly put the final nail in the Snyderverse coffin, adding: “There’s no plans for additional work on that material.”

With Ben Affleck having said he’s done in the Batman role after The Flash and The Flash movie itself looking to reset the DCEU, creating a whole new reality in those movies, for better or for worse, it’s time to let this one go, I think.

We here at FTN supported the Snyder Cut and we celebrated with everyone else when it finally got released, it was a beacon of hope in the dark days of lockdowns, and we hoped as much as anyone to someday see Snyder’s whole story played out but, honestly, it’s probably not going to happen at this stage and it’s a pity but sometimes you have to accept there’s only some much can be done.

Thoughts? Let me hear them, guys…

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