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Did Greg Berlanti say the Booster Gold movie WON’T be part of the DCCU?!

September 12th, 2016 by Marc Comments

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So after Geoff Johns confirmed a few months back that the Booster Gold movie was coming (here) everyone assumed that it would be part of the DC Cinematic Universe… but it may not be so.

Ok, so here’s the deal, with characters like the Suicide Squad, Shazam and even Justice League Dark coming, it would have been safe to assume that almost any DC character set for the big screen under the DC/Warners banner would be part of the same universe but people are worried now that this isn’t the case after Greg Berlanti, who is tipped to direct the project (and is the man behind at The CW DC shows), talked a little more about it.

“As of right now we have no connective tissue to those worlds,” Berlanti said, “It’d be a separate thing.”

Now the movie isn’t the first flirtation Berlanti has had with the character. The movie “emerged from a long-dead Booster Gold TV show idea he was working on with longtime producing collaborator Andrew Kreisberg that “never got off the ground.” After it bit the dust, Berlanti and Kreisberg got into talks with DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer (and reported new film co-chief) Geoff Johns, and the topic of the producing duo doing a movie came up.”

Now Berlanti is working with Flash Season 2, X-Men: First Class and Thor writer Zack Stentz on bringing the character to life.

Michael Jon Carter was born far in the future and was a star quarterback before he was caught betting on his own games. His reputation ruined, he stole a power suit and journeyed to the past, where he branded himself Booster Gold and used his powers and his knowledge of our future to mold himself into a super hero. Michael sought the fame he once had as a star athlete, and his new identity brought sponsorships, endorsement deals and a verified Twitter account. But it also brought something else—responsibility.

Booster would be a great character for the DCCU as he his a character with a serious past but comes with a lighthearted touch and could be a great way to add the lighter tone that the movies are now searching for.

However, we don’t really think that what Berlanti is saying here is that he won’t be part of the DCCU, we reckon he might mean that the character need no necessarily have a connection to the there movies… yet. After all, when we meet him it’ll be in the far future and he will possibly come back to our time in the movie, but he needn’t meet Batman, Superman or any of the already established character yet.

We reckon it might be the same as Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy which exists in the MCU but isn’t directly connected to the other movies yet (yes, we know Thanos is there but I think it works as an example).

What do you think? Would you like Booster Gold to be a standalone movie or do you want it to be part of the bigger universe?

Let us know…

Source: Vulture

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