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Does Iron Man have his Bleeding Edge armour in Captain America: Civil War

August 24th, 2015 by Jonathan Snelling Comments


Tony Stark’s Iron Man armour seems to adapt and change with each new film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Well for Captain America Civil War not only is Stark donning some new armour but it’s possibly his most powerful armour yet.

Heroichollywood, has reported that Civil War will feature “Iron Man’s Mark 46 Armor aka “Bleeding Edge Armor.””

If you don’t yet know why this is going to be amazing, let me explain; This armor made Iron Man the most powerful hero in the world. It can go toe-to-toe with Thor and savagely beat an amped up Red Hulk.

In the 2012 Avengers [Assemble] film we can see Thor breaking Stark’s armour with his bare hands, something no ordinary human can do. So, for Stark to be on par with him would give a sense of the power that this suit can achieve.

What’s more amazing about this suit though is how it works: “This entire armor is kept inside Tony’s body until mentally commanded, at which point it manifests itself as the Iron Man Armor. The armor is made up of Nano-Machines that can now be commanded to turn into any type of structure upon Stark’s skin. For example, the Nano-machines can turn into clothes, other armors, or even different beings completely, by having the Nano-machines change their properties into whatever Stark wants them to be.”

This means that Stark can use them to do pretty much anything he wants. What’s interesting here is the fact he can also make the armour repair itself mid-combat. Something no previous armour could do without the help of another piece of Stark tech, the Hulkbuster Armour was able to reload an arm for example. This makes him virtually indestructible when wearing it.


The image below is rumoured to be the bleeding Edge armour (pre CGI), with the picture being from the set of Civil War.

(continues after pic)


Furthermore, what’s interesting is the extent to which this armour makes him Marvel’s version of Green Lantern. The weaponry includes the standard repulsors, uni-beam, pulse bolts, tasers, and an energy blade but it also has the ability to be anything created by Starks Imagination such as a boxing glove, large gun extending from his arm or cannons.

What we can say for sure is that if this armour does feature in Civil War then Captain America may have met his match. What is certain is that it will be a Marvel to see (sorry).

Captain America Civil War is set for release 26th April next year.

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