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Expect lots of bang with Michael Bay’s Lobo movie

August 10th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

It’s Lobomania lately not only with news of the TV series but also with a little more news about the upcoming Lobo movie project.

A few people may remember from the start of 2018 it was rumored that a solo Lobo movie may be coming with Michael Bay set to direct as long as he can keep to the budget and Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs to write the script but apart from that not much else has come to light, until now.

The Hollywood Reporter when it was reporting on the new TV series also included a blurb about how the movie is still going ahead.

This would be the perfect time for a solo movie with Joker being released later in the year, along with the Robert Pattinson Batman trilogy that is also set to be a standalone and not connected to the Justice League, the Lobo movie may be another step in a standalone universe, which looking back, DC’s best movies have been their solo ones such as Christian Bale’s Batman.

With the gun toting, coffee drinking bounty hunter set to have his own movie and his own TV series, is it just a matter of time till we see a few children named Lobo in the future?

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