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Fantastic Four Sequel Still Happening?

August 12th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


fantastic four poster3

And the fallout continues!

There’s been a lot of questions, concerns, and queries after the less-than-stellar opening of Fantastic Four. And now, there’s reports stating that the sequel (which had already been planned, but was rumored to already be swapped/cancelled to make room for Deadpool 2) is indeed going forward.

“Everything I’ve heard would indicate that the studio will move forward with a Fantastic Four sequel,” Drew McWeeny of HitFix reports. “It may not make that original 2017 date, but they’re definitely planning to make it.”

Interesting. Oh, and remember when Josh Trank tweeted that he had a “fantastic” cut of the movie that the studio apparently interfered in? About that…

“He may claim that his cut a year ago was amazing, but that opinion was not shared by the majority of the people working on the film,” McWeeny wrote. “There were internal conversations at that point about potentially scrapping everything. That’s how strong the concerns were.”

Double interesting! This is clearly a topic that’ll continue for some time, hopefully we’ll get some definitive answers soon.

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