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Is the three hour cut of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice set for a theatrical release?

April 12th, 2016 by Jonathan Snelling Comments


When it comes to the DC cinematic universe it seems that DC have, perhaps not failed, but certainly lost touch with their fans with the latest film of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. With woeful reviews and fans a plenty complaining it was a bleak time for dc. It therefore seems likely that the extended R-rated cut, which was originally intended for a bluray and dvd release, may get a theatre one as well.

It could be argued that this just a way for them to make money after the successes of Deadpool as an R-rated film and the woeful response of the original BVS film. Yet it could also be an apology, showing the fans, ‘this is what we can actually do’ yet is it too late for that?

Heroic Insider’s Umberto Gonzalez (below) mentioned briefly that; “Warner Bros. is seriously considering giving the three hour cut of BVS a theatrical run before the July 16th home video release date across all platforms.”

Gonzalez, along with co-host Daniel Alter, proceeded to explore whether or not this would actually be a good move for Warner Bro’s and DC. They mentioned that it is likely to pull in some repeat viewers along with those curious of the new cut, to gage whether it improves the film or not. You’d hope so.

While it’s not official, I’d love to see how the three hour cut on the big screen. Would you?

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My name is Jonathan Snelling. I’ve been a movie fan for a long time now and last year completed a degree in Film and Television Studies at Aberystwyth University. It’s hard to choose a favourite film but I’ve always been a major fan of Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga. I’m really interested to see how Ben Affleck does in Dawn of Justice as it's set to be an incredible film. I’m usually willing to see any genre but naturally some more so than others.