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Is this Thing from the new Fantastic Four movie or Not?

August 24th, 2014 by Todd Black 2 Comments

Rarely do we post a news article about something we know not to be true. Yet in this case, truth and fiction aren’t so clear.

At SDCC, a picture of what appeared to be the costume (or at least the headpiece) to the rebooted version of The Thing from Fantastic Four, popped up. It was reported that the director of the movie Josh Trank posted said photo on his Twitter page…

You can see it HERE

…but, as Dark Horizons has updated, the twitter account that claimed to be the director has been shut down. Meaning that this picture wasn’t posted from him.

What does it mean though? The picture itself doesn’t appear fake, and it clearly looks like The Thing, so is it or isn’t it? Guess we’ll find out eventually. There’s also rumors that we’ll hear about the Fantastic Four reboot later this year, here’s hoping for some definitive answers.

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