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Is World War 2 movie Overlord the fourth Cloverfield movie?

March 21st, 2017 by George White Comments

It seems that JJ Abrams’ attempt at the latest “anthology franchise”, the Cloverfield series seems determined not to follow the likes of such doomed ventures as the non-Michael Myers Halloween sequels, Tales from the Crypt, and Rupert Wainwright’s failed attempt at The Outer Limits, but instead become a sort of cosmic serious version of the Carry On movies.

It looks like the franchise, which started with 2008’s Cloverfield, then 2016’s 1o Cloverfield Lane, will continue even beyond the upcoming God Particle (where David Oyelowo and Gugu Mbatha-Raw fake American accents in space when they find the Earth has vanished) as it seems that according to a tweet from Jeff Sneider of the Tracking Board (below), Jovan Adepo (one of Denzil’s sons in Fences) and Wyatt “son of Kurt” Russell are the leads of Overlord – Bad Robot/Paramount’s new World War Two thriller written by The Revenant’s Mark L. Smith and Captain Phillips’ Billy Ray and directed by Son of A Gun’s Julius Avery.

(Continues after Tweet)

Despite the name, Overlord is not a remake of the 1975 British drama by Stuart Cooper, though they both revolve around Operation: Overlord during D-Day. It certainly sounds interesting, like a sort of pseudo-historical wartime fantasy-shocker in the same mould as The Keep (1983) or Zone Troopers (1986) – the tale of American paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines to reach a French village that seems to be more than it appears…

God Particle mysteriously vanished from its February release (just as the Earth mysteriously vanishes in the film – weird, huh?), and seems to be now opening in October, probably retitled, and the mysterious “IMAX Cloverfield” presentation may itself be shuffled from its October release date. Overlord will shoot in the U.K. in May and arrive in theatres in 2018.

Source: Collider

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