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James Gunn tantalises with hints about Guardians of the Galaxy 2… and beyond

November 14th, 2014 by Marc Comments

After saying that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will not be part of the Avengers story, Jame Gunn has been teasing more about what the sequel will hold in store…

Hinting at returning supporting characters, Gunn seems to think there’s some characters who need to get more screen time: “Yondu and Kraglin, the Ravagers. And I love Nebula. I think that she is underutilised in the film. I want to see more of her. The Collector, he’ll reappear. I don’t know if he’s gonna be in the next one. I do think his story is really compelling, and I think he’s one of those very interesting shades of gray characters.”

But he’s aware that he doesn’t want to become a one-trick pony with the returning faces: “I would say the main thing is: Don’t just copy yourself, which is what a lot of sequels do. And in some cases it works. Like James Bond movies. But James Bond is a different type of character. This is many characters. I think Guardians, at the end, is not the structure of a comic book movie, it’s not the structure of an action-adventure, it’s not the structure of a comedy. It’s the structure of a family drama. So how does that play itself out?”

He also addressed one of the biggest fan-nods in the whole movie… the inclusion of what looks like Adam Warlock’s cocoon in the Collector’s, em, collection (continues):

“There’s a cocoon that’s exactly like Adam Warlock’s. I wasn’t really thinking that much when I put that in. That was my idea to put that in there. They’re like, ‘What should we put in?” So I went in the Marvel handbook and like just picked cool things that looked neat to put into the boxes. It looked like Adam’s Warlock cocoon, so now everyone thinks he’s out of there and you know… I don’t know.”

What do you think? Was it a coincidence that Warlock appears? Is it possible Marvel and Gunn put it in there without thinking about what it means in future Marvel movies?

Yeah, we don’t think so either…

Regarding the Celestrials appearing – remember we saw on of their heads floating in space in the movie? – Gunn talked to IGN and expressed interest in exploring them more in future movies (they’re an ancient race who began life in the universe):  “Yeah, I like that stuff, the Celestials. I like the whole idea that the Guardians are a bunch of mortals playing in the field of gods. It’s really about their mortality in the face of all that stuff that makes it both dramatic and fun.”

And what of the outstanding question of Peter Quill’s father? “We’ll find out who is dad is, and it’s going to serve the story. It’s not about the revelation of who it is; it’s about what his relationship is to that character.”

But is the identity important to the Marvel universe? “Yeah, I think it’s important..”

Source: Darkhorizons

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