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Katana Gets Featured in New Set Photos of Suicide Squad

June 1st, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


Katana and Harley

In what might be one of the last batches of Suicide Squad pics for awhile, CBR has gotten several new shots of the movie from its outside shooting. And while nothing is new per se, they do show off Katana in many of the shots, whereas she wasn’t there much before.

Of the members of the Suicide Squad in the movie, one of the surprise additions was easily Katana, who’s not only a hero in the DCU, but has been a member of the Outsiders with Batman, the Justice League with Green Arrow (among others), and was recently featured in Arrow as a primary piece in the season three arc. And yet, here she is in Suicide Squad.

As the pic above and below confirm, she’s sporting a VERY different look than the samurai look she’s known for. This one is more modern, yet has some classic takes on it, such as the sash running down her back.


I personally want to know why Katana is in the squad, we’ll have to wait to find out I guess.

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