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Kevin Feige talks Hulk standalone and recasting the MCU in future movies

May 10th, 2016 by Marc Comments

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Marvel Studio President Kevin Feige is currently doing the tours for Captain america: Civil War and has been chatting a little about the future of the MCU.

Chatting to Deadline he revealed some tidbits about future events in the MCU both on and off screen.

While many have been crying out for a Hulk standalone, Feige confirmed that, sadly, while they can use the character in other movies (ie Avengers or Thor: Ragarok – see below), there’s little chance of seeing a standalone movie anytime soon as Universal currently still hold the rights: “Well, those are contractual things that I’m not entirely attuned to. Disney and Universal would need to come to an agreement to allow Marvel to do a standalone Hulk film for Disney.”

However, he did talk about Ruffalo’s Hulking out in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok: “Ruffalo lights up any room he’s in, any Twitter feed he’s engaged in and any movie that he’s in. It’s just a great pleasure to have him in The Avengers films and as you know his next appearance will be in Thor: Ragnarok, which is a whole other type of fun Hulk adventure for him that we can’t wait to get started on.”

He also chatted about something that no-one wants to talk about, but everyone knows is going to be an issue sooner or later with all the characters if they are to have longevity in the MCU – recasting: “Not for a very long time [will they be recasting anyone], certainly not through the next nine, ten movies that we’re working on, which is great.

“If we had to deal with that, movie to movie we wouldn’t have been able to build the cinematic universe the way we have. The short, easy answer is I’m not thinking about that right now because I’m thinking about how to complete and surprise these upcoming incarnations. Past that? I don’t know.”

However, he did offer a hint at what we can expect or at least how it will be handled: “I greatly admire what the Broccolis have done with James Bond, how could you not? Fifty years and going strong, with a character that will outlive any particular actor, director, producer, studio executive. That will continue. If you look at how all of our characters have been revamped from decade to decade in the comics, with new artists and new writers and new incarnations, and I think it’s destined to happen in our cinematic universe as well. But, I don’t have to worry about that right now.”

So, not standalone movies for Banner or Hulk but he is free to come and go as he pleases in the MCU in othere movies… it’s what we knew but still, we want a standalone, dammit!

And perhaps we’ll see in the future a movie where Cap or Stark or someone else may suddenly be someone else. We’re ok with that – the actors are all great in their roles but we have no doubt others could do as good a job. Artists change all the time, we shouldn’t be surprised the faces will too.

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