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Martin Freeman’s Role in Civil War “Obvious”?

May 12th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


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It’s not a surprise that many big name stars are getting attached more to comic films, whether it be DC or Marvel. The latest in this line is Martin Freeman, known for his roles as Bilbo, Watson, and more.

Freeman will be in Civil War, the next Captain America film. The writer of the comic arc, Mark Millar, noted that he knew who Freeman would play, and stated this:

“The character is not a super-person, it’s somebody who’s… well, I don’t want to spoil it for anybody but he’s not going to be in costume.”

But wait, it gets better, he also noted this in regards to his role:

“Once you get to see it, it’s so obvious. All I’ll say is, he’s not [Captain America villain] the Red Skull.”

That certainly throws a twist on things huh? I’m honestly not fully sure who he could mean, comic character wise. For all we know they could make a custom character for him to personify the roles he’s done before, not unlike what they did with Robert Redford. Who do you think he’ll be?

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