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Michael Biehn talks Neill Blomkamp’s Alien

August 2nd, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

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Neill Blomkamp’s entry into the Alien franchise is one of the most painful ongoing will-they-won’t-they stories in Hollywood right now. Constantly held back, with nothing more than rumours and concept art to go off, it looks like we finally have a bit more clarity, coming straight from the mouth of Michael Biehn.

Alien 5

In his interview with Forbes, the Aliens star confirmed a few details about the project’s origins, starting with Sigourney Weaver. He said “Well, she’s doing the movie [Chappie] and he pitches her an idea for another movie in the Alien franchise, which I thought was dead and gone as she probably did too as well as Fox. He tweeted out some pictures of me, he said he’s going to take the third and fourth film and act like they never happened and things blew up.”

It was the dream that had us all fancying out all over the Internet, until that fateful moment; “It looked like it was all go and then Ridley Scott decided that he was going to do a second and third film in the Prometheus series, but Sigourney says they are still doing their project. I think it would be very embarrassing to Fox if they don’t give Sigourney the movie that she really wants to go out on.”

He does confirm that we shouldn’t be looking to pencil anything for certain into the diary just yet, sating “I don’t know when it’s going to happen but I know it’s going to happen and I know I’m going to be in it and there’s going to be a new Newt, she’s going to be about 26 or 27 and looks a lot like Jennifer Lawrence to me but I don’t know. Maybe there’ll be a passing of whatever and then the franchise can move on so they can make more money because that’s what it’s all about.”

Biehn has spoken about the project quite a bit since the initial announcement, with his story seemingly shifting here and there – he had spoken about choices for a new Newt before – but time is just going to have to tell on this one.

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