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Alien: Covenant roundup

June 7th, 2016 by Dave Bowling Comments

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Alien: Covenant  is filming in Australia as I type this.

And, thanks to The Mail Online (amongst others), we have a few on-set photos to share. Firstly, we have Katherine Waterston’s character taking cover in a darkened shadowy corridor:


The whole scene looks kinda familiar: short-cropped hair, grubby vest, massive weapon: very Ellen Ripley, but there’s a hint of Noomi Rapace’s Shaw from Prometheus. Meanwhile, other on-set pictures have given us a sort of Pompeii vibe, showing what appears to be fossilised figures caught in a variety of poses, from pained to fighting:



Finally, one last pic gives us a view of what appears to be huge fossilised tree stumps:


And just to add intrigue, the official Alien: Covenant website is apparently counting down to something. Starting at 426 days (sounds familiar, huh?), the countdown to ‘mission launch’ is continuing apace but with no indication as to what. The actual release date? The trailer? Who knows at this stage, only that Sir Rid is once again dropping hints to us. We’ll of course provide further info as and when we have it.

Sources: Games Radar, Mail Online, Square Eyed TV


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