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Independence Day Resurgence – first look. Sort of.

July 12th, 2015 by Dave Bowling Comments



Yep, it’s happening.

After a mere 20-year gap, the sequel to former highest-grossing film and movie with the cheesiest speech ever, Independence Day Resurgence is coming out next year. Not on the 4th of July, however. Slightly missed opportunity there, guys?

Anyhoo, talking of 4th July, a 30-second teaser was tagged onto IMAX screenings of Terminator Genisys. Unfortunately, there’s been no sign of this trailer being released online yet but from what we’ve managed to gather in the last week, there was no new footage in it. The thing apparently consisted of effects from the original, with Bill Pullman’s cheesiest-speech-ever over the top. Which is kinda fair enough, considering that the film’s still shooting and effects are nowhere near done at this stage.

That hasn’t stopped the social media machine from dropping teasers. The official Twitter account of the movie dropped this:

While Jeff Goldblum had his own tribute on his Instagram account: Click Here

So, what do you think? Is it time to fight off aliens with a MacBook again? Or should Hollywood just get a fresh idea?

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