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SDCC: Ryan Reynolds explains why Deadpool trailer isn’t online yet

July 13th, 2015 by Dave Bowling Comments







After its’ deliciously sweary appearance a couple of days ago (see here), people have been raging about the trailer for the Deadpool movie.

Officially, the thing has yet to put in an appearance online and the best we’ve seen has been tiny slivers of phone footage shot from the back of the hall at SDCC that Fox has been desperately trying to take off YouTube as soon as it pops up. So the question is, why not?

Enter Ryan Reynolds, the man, the legend. Taking to Twitter, as is his wont, Wade Wilson’s alter-ego had this to say:


Three weeks, he says? Question is, what exactly will Fox have? It could be a properly remastered, extended version of the San Diego teaser, it could be something completely different, it could be a platter of deep-fried Mexican food brought out by a bevy of beautiful waitresses. Hell, with Deadpool involved it could be anything…

Deadpool apparently opens in February 2016, assuming Wade bothers to turn up.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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