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Trailer released for Russian superhero flick Guardians

April 28th, 2016 by Dave Bowling Comments

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Looking forward to Zaschitniki then? No? Don’t know what the hell we’re on about?

Well, Zaschitniki (or The Guardians in English) is a Russian-made superhero-noir film that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story sees the members of a Soviet-era supersoldier programme coming out of hiding and reuniting to face an old enemy. And, well, take a look for yourselves:

Looks interesting, huh? I mean, some of the effects aren’t exactly Hollywood, but do you really need to spend a quarter of a billion dollars getting everything just so? And let’s face it, there’s long been a gap in the market for superhero movies that aren’t America-centric. Although I still reckon that bear guy is a sop to Vladimir Putin, y’know, being the Russian Bear and going around with his shirt off.

Why does my tea taste like someone’s poured a lethal dose of Polonium-210 in it?

The Guardians is scheduled for release on 23 February 2017.

Source: Comic

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