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New image has Wonder Woman attaining a mythical weapon…

January 7th, 2017 by Jonathan Snelling Comments


We apologise for being a little late on this one guys, but an image from the new Wonder Woman film has recently been released.

The photo (above) shows Diana Prince (Gal Gabot), AKA Wonder Woman, grasping the legendary sword known as ‘God Killer’ or ‘Sword of Athena’ in the Amazonian barracks.

The sword first made an appearance in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and was used by Wonder Woman in the fight against Doomsday. We also got to see the a small part of the tremendous power of this blade during the Doomsday sequence.  Kryptonians like superman, and mutated ones like Doomsday, are impervious to man made weapons, yet this blade was able to slice through Doomsday’s hardened skin and deal serious damage.

The introduction of the blade is an important one for the character of Diana. Her acquisition of it was in direct conflict to all the other Amazonians, including her mother Queen Hippolyta. Yet it’s the first steps to her becoming the ‘saviour of the world’.

Director Peter Jenkins explains this further: “This is her moment” He said “She’s heard all the terrible things about man’s land. But she’s also heard that mankind is in need and under duress. This is her great moment to make the decision to be the one to try and save them.”

Wonder Woman will be released on 2nd June 2017 in the UK.

Source: EW


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