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Paul Feig calls the new Ghostbusters villain “the ultimate loner”

April 30th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

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The new Ghostbusters is certainly dividing opinion, and although things are a little bit quiet regarding its second trailer, director Paul Feig has had some words to say about the film’s new villain.

When talking to Empire, Feig describes bad guy Rowan as “the ultimate loner. A regular New Yorker whose goal is to bring some things back to this world. He wants to trap ghosts, but for a different purpose.”

Certainly sounds ominous.

In related news, Melissa McCarthy has talked about the action in the movie and new details on the weapons the team use have been revealed too: “I think the amount of action and the level of it in this is gonna surprise people. It’s a lot more badass. There’s a much harder edge to this one in terms of those fight scenes and how we come up against the ghosts.”

IGN got some details on the new weapons – proton packs alone are not enough any more: There are multiple weapon types being used throughout the scene, including Kristen Wiig using some apparent tennis skills with her proton wand to bat away some ghosts – who are then yanked backward on a wire with force – and then using her proton pack as a rocket pack, pointing the wand down, firing, and propelling herself into the air. Leslie Jones sets up a new ghostbusting device called a Chipper to take out some ghosts, and there are some sort of proton-grenades being tossed around. It almost seemed as though ghosts aren’t just caught, but straight-up destroyed.

Ghostbusters stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth. It hits cinemas on the 15th July 2016.

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