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Ron Howard talks The Dark Tower and if he’ll direct a future installment

October 17th, 2016 by Jonathan Snelling Comments

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When we were told that the first of Stephen King’s Dark Tower Saga was set to be a movie it’s likely no one was more excited than Ron Howard. After spending years on the development of the film, Howard’s vision arguably brought about the large film franchise for Sony Pictures.

Based on King’s first book of the saga, The Gunslinger, The Dark Tower film is being directed by Nick Arcel and will star Idris Elba as the character Roland.

Ron Howard, who is the executive producer of the film, recently commented on it and his hopes for the future of the saga: “Nick Arcel has done a terrific job on the movie… I’ve just recently seen a first cut, so he’s still hard at work on it. But it’s really impressive. He’s done a great job. Stephen King is really happy with what he’s read, and knows about. And we do hope to take it on into television and, you know, I love that world. I love that universe… and I hope to be as close to it as I can be.”

The shift from film to TV is a strange start for a franchise such as this. There are many cases where tv shows end with a film but very few ever begin with one. I personally think it’s a good idea though, given that the fourth book, Wizard and Glass on which it’s based, is very much a prequel to the main events of the saga. The film is just the first in the saga and should give us a good intention as to what we can expect in its future.

If The Dark Tower becomes the hit we think it will likely last a long while and hopefully will allow more books in the saga, such as The Drawing of the Three and/or The Waste Lands, being made. Hopefully, Ron Howard will play a more important role in these later adaptations.

Source: Cinemablend

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