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Sony originally had a Toby Maguire Vs Andrew Garfield Spider-man movie planned before Marvel took Spidey back

August 30th, 2021 by Marc Comments

With the trailer dropping last week for Spider-man: No Way Home and the fandom ore rabid than ever to work out what exactly is happening, not to mention all the rumours and leaks seemingly confirming that Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire are both back along with Tom Holland’s Spider-man, it might be a good time to go back and look at some of the leaked Sony emails from 2015 that discussed Spider-man and his future in – or out – of the MCU.

The full email thread is posted below, but it all focuses on a meeting that took place between Sony’s Avi Arad and Tom Tolmach and others who were, at the time, trying to work out how best to approach Spider-man’s future as a Sony property.

During the course of the meeting three main potentials for Spider-man came up.

Firstly After Amazing Spider-man 2, we would have got Drew Goddard’s The Sinister Six Part 1 in 2016 with Part 2 in 2017 (all discussed here). Next we would have been presented with Carnage movie starring Emma Stone (?) in 2018 leading to Venom in 2019 and then Amazing Spider-man 3 and 4 in 2018 and 2019. We would also have a female spin-off movie in 2020 with, most excitingly, in 2021 we would have gotten a Spider-man Vs Amazing Spider-man movie with Toby Maguire returning to face-off against Andrew Garfield.

It’s interesting that, out of all these plans we’ve got Venom, we’ve got Carnage and we’re looking likely to get Andrew and Toby back as their respective Spider-men.

The next option was that which we’re pretty much seeing now with Spider-man appearing in Civil War and then being put in various Marvel movies and standalones. Dylan O’Brien’s name was mentioned as the new Spider-man and a TV show was mentioned.

Again, this is what we’re seeing now with Andrew Garfield unfairly pushed out of the franchise to allow Marvel to have a new Spider-man (Garfield should have been the MCU Spider-man, as much as we like Holland) and the TV series that is mentioned seems to be in Sony’s plans now (here).

A third option was a straight-up selling of Spider-man to Marvel/Disney for $5 million… it seems that Marvel had offered $1.5m which had been declined.

This is all very interesting and, while it’s clear they went with the second option, it’s very much clear too that Andrew Garfield was set to star in at least five more Amazing Spider-man movies with several spin-offs planned. Personally, Garfield is my favourite Peter Parker/Spider-man and I always hoped and believed that the Amazing spider-man movies would very easily have shifted into being part of the MCU and it’s a shame that Sony and Marvel couldn’t see a way to do this.

One thing seems clear to me… I can’t help feeling that, when all this Multiverse storyline wraps at Marvel, we may well see Andrew Garfield step back into the spotlight as Sony’s Spider-man while Marvel moves forward with their own Spidey. After all, isn’t this really the whole point of a Multiverse?

Let me know all your thoughts, gang…

Read the full email thread below:

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