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SPOILER: Holy heck! There is an MCU character NOT in Captain America: Civil War?!

June 3rd, 2015 by Shane Michael Comments


If anyone is keeping count, it has appeared with every tidbit of news we hear about Captain America: Civil War that nearly every Marvel character that has appeared on-screen in Marvel’s cinematic universe is set to appear, save for one..

During an interview with Collider promoting his new film ‘Big Game’ Samuel L Jackson revealed his character of Nick Fury will not appear in the sequel and he is as confused as us as to why: “It’s really great to be the connective tissue between so many different characters in so many different films, that brings those guys together.

“But I’m not in ‘Captain America 3.’ I can’t figure that out, but I’m not. I guess I’m still out there, trying to figure out what happened to S.H.I.E.L.D. and who these other people are.”

While there is still time for this to change, it would seem highly unlikely as filming is well under way and any involvement of Nick Fury would call for script changes. The only other view is that this is a misdirection by Jackson and Fury is actually in the movie but again this is unlikely as Marvel or Jackson have nothing to gain from keeping his involvement secret.

Is Jackson on the outs with Marvel? He’s quoted in the interview has saying it has been a great honour to play the character: “Of course [I’m interested in returning]! I’m looking for a contract extension right now, yeah,” Jackson said.

“I’m looking to re-up.”

Perhaps the cast for Civil War is just too packed..

civil war

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