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SPOILERS: Suicide Squad cast listing reveals a MAJOR DC Character cameo…

July 28th, 2016 by Marc Comments

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Oh, man this makes us happy here at FTN!

Now, before we go further, we know Ben Affleck’s Batman is in Suicide Squad – it’s not a spoiler, he’s been in a few trailers so far.

However, this new revelation, despite being on the now official cast list for the movie, is definitely a spoiler.

So, only continue if you really want to know…



So, here’s the deal, the latest trailer (and presumably last as the movie opens on August 5th) shown at SDCC (here) had this blink and you’ll miss it moment:


Now, many fans speculated that the lightning could come from Flash (again, at SDCC we saw Flash in the new Justice League trailer and we saw how his lightning looks in the movie when he’s moving (here)) as it’s Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) and he is one of Flash’s rogues gallery.

Truth be told, we were going to report it but the big bad in Suicide Squad looks like it loves lightning too so we thought we’d hold off.

Well, now an official cast listing (below) has Ezra Miller listed as The Flash, so it’s safe to assume the image above shows Flash catching Boomerang and sending him to prison at Belle Reve.

We’re wondering if Flash will have the suit? We’re led to believe that when Bruce Wayne meets him in Justice League he has built – with a 3D printer – his suit, so we may see him in action.

Which is a very exciting prospect, indeed.

A few other cast members worth mentioning:

Ted Whittall is Admiral Olsen – we have to assume this is some relationship to Jimmy Olsen who is already dead thanks to BvS. On a side note, Whittall played Rick Flag in Smallville.

Shailyn Pierre-Dixon is playing Zoe. We’re assuming this is Deadshot’s (Will Smith) daughter, Zoe Lawton.

Common is finally given an official name: Monster T. Wonder what hi srole will be?

Jim Parrack is Jonny Frost, he’s Joker’s henchman in the comics

Scott Eastwood is Lieutenant GQ Edwards. It’s been specualted that the GQ bit is a joke relating to his good looks and GQ Magazine.

Oh and on an interesting note, Ben Affleck is NOT listed on there… hmmmmmmm…

suicide squad cast

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