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Stan Lee is in there, so where is Roy Thomas’ cameo in Avengers: Age of Ultron?

May 4th, 2015 by James Campbell Comments

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Recently the comic book writer, Roy Thomas, had an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Thomas is known for many works in the comic book industry, but as of this point, his two biggest contributions would undoubtedly be Ultron and Vision.

Within this interview, Thomas went into great detail about the creation of Ultron and The Vision. However, the most interesting area of the interview was the fact that Stan Lee was unhappy with the finished product of Vision. This is particularly strange, as Lee was partially responsible for the creation of the character.

Originally Thomas wanted to re-introduce the original vision, an alien from the golden age of comics. However, Lee convinced Thomas to create an android version of the character.

In the interview, Thomas clarified, “He (Stan Lee) liked it, but Stan hated the colour of The Vision. “Why’d you make him red? Red’s not a good colour!” I didn’t want to make him green like The Hulk or Blue like the Atlanteans. I suppose I could have made him white, but the paper we printed on was so poor, that you would have been able to see the other side, so we didn’t make things white that we didn’t have to. I don’t think he ever thought The Vision was a really strong name. It seems a little wimpy, but I felt Vision — it really means like a ghost or a mirage or an image”.

While it is clear that Lee was not completely dissatisfied with The Vision, he does not seem to be overly thrilled. I guess it goes to show, that even the man who introduced us to so many classic characters, can sometimes call it wrong.

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