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Terry Gilliam set for Don Quixote… again

June 14th, 2015 by James Campbell Comments

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When I was still studying my undergraduate degree in Film and Television we had an entire week dedicated to discussing Terry Gilliam and his respective works. This is how fascinating a figure he is in modern filmmaking. 

One of the more fascinating areas we studied was his multiple attempts at making his film, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. While based upon the story of Don Quixote, the film would actually include a man from the 21st century, who travelled back in time and met Don Quixote… So it wasn’t the closest adaptation of the source material.

At one point, shooting of the film began, with Johnny Depp in the leading role, however, after what can only be described as several acts of God occurring, the project had to be scrapped. All in all, Gilliam has attempted and failed to get this movie made seven times.

However, Gilliam, never being a man to take bad news lying down, is preparing an eighth attempt, this time with the backing of Amazon. In a recent interview, Gilliam stated: “I keep incorporating my own life into it and shifting it… The basic underlying premise of the version Johnny was involved in was that he actually was going to be transported back to the 17th century, and now it all takes place now, it’s contemporary. It’s more about how movies can damage people.”

Personally, I would like to see Gilliam get to make this film. The fact that he has been trying to get it off the ground for over two decades shows how much this story means to him. Anyone with the level of passion he clearly has, deserves to get this film made.

Good luck Terry.

Source: The Verge


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