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The five best comic book movie adaptations? Let the debate begin…

March 24th, 2017 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Five of the Best

It’s always going to be debated because it really does come down to individual choice in the end but below I have listed what I think are a few of the most awesome comic book movies you need to have to hand.

Personally I store them on my Smartphone, in fact if I think about it losing my phone would be a major disaster for me, (ok ok not in the great scheme of things but you know what I mean).

I rely on my Smartphone for so many things not only to keep in contact with friends and family or to post what I just had for dinner on Facebook, but I also use it to play on my favourite online mobile casino Fruity King where I enjoy my games wherever and whenever I want. I also browse, source, and pay for goods and services besides carrying out my banking and health checks. I would be lost without it.

Films and games are a big part of my life and I don’t like to be far away from either. Some say that the era of the greatest comic book movies didn’t really come to fruition until the 2005 with Batman Begins. The broody nature of our superhero ws expanded for the modern age.

Superman ll (1980)

Scoff if you will but this film by Richard Lester with its deliberate tongue in cheek special effects is one of my faves. Once Clarks disguise has been busted then he is able to fly to the rainforest to pick a bouquet of birds of paradise (passing a florist on the way no doubt) for Lois to enjoy. I find the film fun and entertaining as a Superman film, in my book, should be.

Persepolis (2007)

Based on two stunning graphic memoirs, Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood and Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return tells the story of Satrapi’s childhood and young adulthood in pre-revolutionary Iran and then under the repressive fundamentalist regime in later years. Loving your homeland yet unable to live in it make this beautifully animated picture delicately powerful, and funny in all the right places. Not one to miss in my opinion.

Sin City (2005)

I go back to this one repeatedly, and I am not sure that I will ever get tired of it. Its moody, exciting, sick and downright enjoyable. Bruce Willis is brilliant as the ageingcopand Mickey Rourks ias Marv the hulk of a square jawed loner who is out for revenge for the death of Goldie the hooker (you just couldn’t write this stuff could you?) There are so many being broken up and slammed and such like where it hurts that Sin City will not do those of a delicate nature. Lucky for me that I don’t have one.

Flash Gordon (1980)

By the same Mike Hodges who gave us Get Carter, Flash Gordon is a total glam sci fi pearl of an adaptation from the space opera comic strip which was created by Alex Raymond back in the 1930’s. With the soundtrack being provided by Queen this razzle-dazzle of a movie is both lush and a bit silly which makes is such a pleasure to view.

Hellboy and Hellboy ll (2004-2008)

Joining these two up is natural for me and both of them show how imaginative and wonderful comic book movies can be. The beast of a red skinned demon fights evil wherever and whenever it raises its ugly face, but awwe, he also has a cuter side. Kittens seem to think he is coated in catnip and the moral theme that permeates the movie (like many comic book movies) is a good one.


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