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The mystery of C-3PO’s red arm and has it been confirmed that Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc?

December 28th, 2015 by Jonathan Snelling Comments


Upon seeing C-3PO in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the lovable character makes it blatantly obvious, if it wasn’t already, that he has a red left arm instead of the original gold one. Upon seeing Han Solo again the protocol droid says; “You probably don’t recognize me with my red arm,”.

The arm isn’t bought up again after this. So how exactly did he get it? And most importantly what is the significance of it?

A recent leaked page from the companion book of The Force Awakens, via Comicbook, sheds some light into its origin. There is a small caption that briefly explains what happened; “C-3PO is uncharacteristically quiet when it comes to discussing his salvaged arm; it is a memento of another droid’s sacrifice,”.

The image from the page can be seen here (continues after pic):

red arm

Now this may seem helpful but if you think about it there are still loads of unanswered questions. How did C-3PO lose his arm? Who was the other droid? Why was the sacrifice made? Etc
Fortunately, in early 2016 a small Marvel comic titled; C-3PO 1focuses on, you guessed it, C-3PO in the ‘Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. It is likely we will find out what truly happened in the comic.

Boba Fett… lives?

In another interesting find, it looks like Disney/Lucasfilm may have confirmed the survival of Boba Fett (as we reported earlier this year) in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Encyclopedia whereby, in the entry for Boba, they write that Boba is “The only known survivor of the Sarlacc’s actual digestive system” and that his suit “Offered him some protection from the creature as he used his weapons to blast his way out. It took years for Fett to recover from his wound and regain his reputation.”

So there you have it, Boba lives!

boba lives


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