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The Nun from The Conjuring 2 is the next entity to get her own spinoff

June 16th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

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Already making crazy money at the box office (and getting some decent reviews, if we say so ourselves), The Conjuring 2 proves that James Wan knows the horror genre, and how to deliver the goods. Much like the first film, there is one character in particular that will haunt you on your late night walk home from the cinema; move over Annabelle, The Nun is getting her own spinoff.

The Hollywood Reporter are saying that David Leslie Johnson, the man who guided the pen as co-writer to The Conjuring 2 – as well as reportedly being involved in the latest A Nightmare On Elm Street at New Line – is the scribe to bring us The Nun. Wan is back on board as a producer, much like he was with Annabelle. He is joined by Peter Safran.

The best part of this story? The Nun was added late in the game to The Conjuring 2, only being shot three months before the film’s release in a last minute brainwave by Wan. Thank god he had it, as it leads to some of the film’s best scares (that painting scene, anyone?)

If the brand new flick and news of The Nun’s spinoff aren’t enough for you, remember that Annabelle 2 is also coming down the pipeline. Lights Out director David F Sandberg is the man helming it, with a release date currently slated for the 19th May 2017. The rumours that the main protagonist is a nun have us very excited indeed.

Could we eventually see the two in the same flick? I smell a good old fashioned versus film in the works…

The Conjuring 2

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