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The Prometheus sequel has a title… and it’s now an Alien movie. Em, wut?

September 25th, 2015 by Shane Michael Comments


This week we have heard more news about Ridley Scott’s proposed Prometheus sequel or sequels (here) as we found out he has three planned and it is very exciting for fans of the Alien-verse. We now know the title of the first of these sequels!

During the promotional tour for his much anticipated new film ‘The Martian’ and in an interview with HeyUGuys, he revealed that he plans to call the first sequel…

Alien: Paradise Lost

Savvy readers will instantly recognise that it appears the convergence of the Prometheus story into the Alien films which Scott said is the endgame of the sequels seems to be starting early and the nod to John Milton’s famous poem ‘Paradise Lost’ about the fall of man.

“You know the poem?” Scott queried the interviewer. “I’m sure you’ve never been through it, the poem’s a book, ‘Paradise Lost’. It sounds intellectual but there’s a similarity to it. That’s where it stops.”

The end of the first film saw Noomi Rapace’s character flying off seemingly to the Engineer’s planet who were Prometheus’ antagonists. We would assume this will form the back-bone of the new film and it’s heavily rumoured that the Engineer’s planet is being called Paradise by the film’s producers.

Alien : Paradise Lost is set to start filming in February 2016 with Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace set to reprise their roles of Shaw and the android David, respectively.

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