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The Ronda Rousey for Captain Marvel campaign continues… now Kevin Smith is supporting it

August 19th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

movie-news-banner-copyRonda Rousey

The Marvel Cinematic Universe may have found its Captain Marvel. In a recent Reddit AMA (Ask me Anything) Mixed Martial Arts fighter Ronda Rousey stated that “she’d like a crack at a particular Marvel superhero.” Although she announced it as Miss Marvel she actually meant Captain Marvel, “who was promoted from Ms. Marvel a couple of years ago”.

Well unsurprisingly the internet responded brilliantly: “With pens, paints paper and Photoshop, fans have apparently been sending Rousey their interpretations of her as Captain Marvel.”

The photos show Ronda in different versions of Carol Danvers’s (Captain Marvel) costume. One from the Miss Marvel years and the other as the more recent Captain Marvel

Ronda loved these pictures so much that she posted several of them onto her Instagram feed (below).

With photos like these, and an almost perfect fit with Captain Marvel’s description, it almost seems like Marvel should choose her right now. However this may not be the case.

“Marvel has been a lot more focused on the acting part of finding an actor when it comes to casting these movies, and Rousey has a resume with roles where she either plays herself (Entourage) or plays someone very much like herself (Furious 7, The Expendibles 3).” 

The acting capabilities of Ronda is not really known due to the type casting of her roles. Furthermore, although captain marvel is an amazing fighter and Mixed Martial arts specialist, you see the similarities; she also has the difficulties of a normal life and with the added weight of hiding her true self. She’s therefore not just one thing, but a complex and detailed character that should be treated as such.

Fortunately the film has a 2018 release date, so if Ronda was to take up this mantle she would definitely have plenty of time to prove her acting chops.

Personally, I believe that if she can prove her acting style holds up then she will make an incredible Captain Marvel, and be a great addition to the team. It’s unlikely she’d be able to beat Thanos in 30 seconds though, but then again she is world champion.

And now, just to show how much this rumour is getting out there, filmmaker Kevin Smith has got in on it, making it clear to TMZ that he is totally behind her as Captain Marvel: “You don’t even need to think at this point… Lord knows she’s one of the only people who would play a superhero that could actually beat the s–t out of somebody.

“I would like to see it happen. Seems like she has a good head on her shoulders, she followed a dream — and holy s–t, she’s an ass-kicker. If that doesn’t sound like a superhero, I don’t know what is.”

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