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We break down the new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

December 3rd, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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Today is a good day! We finally got to see the full trailer for the most anticipated movie of 2016, ‘Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice’.

We are gonna do a breakdown of the trailer, highlight some interesting tidbits and generally everything that’s cool about this amazing trailer.

Ok, firstly, if you haven’t seen it… here you go:

And… here… we… go….

We open with a red carpet event, showing Superman in his guise of Clark Kent covering it for the Daily Planet.


Arriving in a classy car is Bruce Wayne who Clark seems to be unaware of as his existence needs explained to him. Clark, being the big blue Boy Scout and investigative reporter, decides to do an impromptu interview with the Gotham socialite in regards to the Batman of Gotham and his vigilante ways.

What follows is one of the most superb scenes in the entire trailer as we get a tense exchange between the two icons with both unknowingly referring to the other’s secret identity.


During this we are shown scenes of criminals badly beaten and left for the GCPD and scenes of Superman descending with rocket-ship debris and saving people from what looks like a tsunami, bathed in light, the God symmetry is very apparent here and Superman is referenced as such later in the trailer by Luthor.

image4 image5 image6 image7 image8

The best line in the entire trailer: ”Maybe it’s the Gotham City in me, we just have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns..’

Just brilliant. This, of course harkens back to The Joker and will, we reckon, tie into the chase scene in the Suicide Squad where Batman is on top of Joker’s car.

image9 image10

Finally we see Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther in a comical exchange between the three as he comments on Clark’s firm handshake and for Bruce not to pick a fight. It seems like the movie will portray Lex as an eccentric billionaire/mad scientist which is spot on as an antithesis to Bruce. Is this a a gala event thrown by Luthor??

We love that Luthor is so cocky here and the irony – that he and Batman will both fight Superman in this movie is great. Also, we don’t think this the true version of Lex but rather his public persona, we think when he is after Superman he will be a much darker character.


Following on, we see several scenes emphasising Superman’s place in the world now following Man of Steel. There looks to be a giant statue of him in what appears to be Metropolis.

image14 image13

Revered and feared by many as the most powerful being on the planet with what appears to be him answering to Congress.


After the teaser earlier in the year, many guessed that the destruction – including that of a Wayne Enterprises’ building caused by the fight between Zod and Supes – would somehow be the catalyst for Batman wanting to take down Superman and this trailer further supports that.

image15 image16 image17

A voiceover with Jeremy Irons as Alfred and Bruce: ‘You’re going to go to war?’ asks Alfred, ‘That son of a bitch brought the war to us’ comes Bruce’s reply… this is a Batman who feels angry as all hell.


Next up is some epic fight scenes with a voice-over by Alfred proclaiming that Bruce cannot win, that it is suicide, followed by a line from Lex: ‘The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world, the son of Krypton vs the bat of Gotham.’

image19 image20

Including this clip of Batman, as promised in the last trailer, making Superman bleed!


Now we’ve seen this seen before in various other teases where it’s shown Batman fighting enemies in a desert setting but it’s interesting here as we get a wider view shot showing enemies flying around. Is this soldiers with Lexcorp tech or, better yet, how about this theory –


What if this is a dystopian scene of an evil Superman being worshipped and is a vision by one of the characters, possibly Wonder Woman (or Batman), showing Superman under the control of Darkseid and those flying enemies are actually parademons, the shocktroopers of Apokolips, hinting at the coming of Darkseid? This could be the reason for the Justice League forming and the whole ‘Unite the Seven’ slogan. Just something to think about…

Next up, the BIG reveal of the antagonist that appears to bring the three icons including WW together. Luthor states that if ‘Man won’t kill God, then the Devil will’

Little note, that pic below is of Mercy Graves, played by Tao Okamoto – she is Lex’s loyal bodyguard.

image29 image30 image31

It appears that Luthor mutates and resurrects Zod anddddd BOOM!

DOOMSDAY! while he only appears for a second, it’s clearly him as his bony protrusions are very evident all over his body and around his eyes. Doomsday in the monster int he comics that killed Superman… how a big a role he has here is unclear.


If the trailer wasn’t amazing enough, the Amazon princess debuts!

image24 image25 image26

Saving Batman from the full force of Doomsday’s heat vision and we get a great line between Supes and Bats,

‘Is she with you?’


‘I thought she was with you?’


Interesting to note how electronically distorted Batman’s voice sounds. It makes sense that he would use such a device to preserve his identity.

The trailer ends with that iconic shot of the big three that has been a long time coming. Epic!


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