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What’s happening at DC Films: What you need to know

May 30th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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It was recently announced that fan favorite and critically acclaimed writer, Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns would be taking over as co-president of the DC Cinematic Universe along with WB EVP Jon Berg. Now christened ‘DC Films’, these changes by DC are a ‘course correction’ after the lukewarm reception to Batman v Superman which debuted to much criticism.

Johns had this to say about his new position: “My job [at the moment] is to help other Warner Brothers divisions work with DC. I work with Warner TV and producers to get these shows up and running, in particular with The Flash, where I co-created the show, wrote a few episodes, wrote the pilot episode. I work with other people, Ames Kirshen in games, the studios like Rocksteady and Netherrealm, go in there on character choices, story they’re going to do and brainstorm on that, try to keep it true to comics”

Speaking of comics, this week also saw the release of DC Universe Special #1 also written by Johns . The special looks to reinvigorate the DCU which had become much maligned following its New52 reboot five years ago. With his status as a DC knowledge expert, it’s clear from his role within DC comics and now DC films that Johns knows these characters better than anyone and has his finger on the pulse of what makes these characters and stories great.

As well as announcing that Johns would be co-writing the first solo Affleck/Batman movie it was also added that Academy award winner Affleck would also step in as producer on the upcoming Justice League movie. It seems Affleck has nothing but praise for DC’s golden boy and writing partner Geoff Johns: “I would read anything by Geoff Johns. He’s a f****** genius, I love him. I love DC. I’m really excited about where it’s going and, um, I couldn’t be more honored and thrilled to be on board and part of this DC Universe.”

Ironically one of the biggest issues with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (and Synder’s film universe in general) that fans have complained about is the lack of the brightness that defined DC Comics for so long, and that is what John’s Rebirth special starts to bring back to the comic universe and something he has referenced in doing the same for the DCU.

Lastly, in somewhat less than good news regarding the DCU shakeup at Warner Bros. (depending on who you ask) The Hollywood Reporter reports that producer Charles Roven, who has worked on every WB-produced DC film since 2005’s Batman Begins, will now finish that role and relinquish the job on certain future DC projects like The Flash and Aquaman standalone films.

Roven was part of the DCU central brain trust along with director Zack Snyder that has spearheaded the direction of the DCU up to this point, a direction the studio is said to be rethinking in the wake of the aforementioned Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s lacklustre performance. He will remain credited as producer on this year’s Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman but he will take a less hands on approach with future projects and possibly be reshuffled into an executive producer role.

will reportedly take a less hands on role with future DC movies, possibly serving as executive producer.

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