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Will Luke turn to the Darkside? Will he be in Episode IX and will the Skywalker story continue after the current trilogy?

April 17th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Mark Hamill seems unsure if we’ll see him in Star Wars after the upcoming The Last Jedi.

The actor, speaking at Celebration, said: “Well he’s [Luke] a completely different person. He had an arc [in the original trilogy], and I think Carrie and Harrison admitted their characters were pretty much the same throughout, but Luke was always changing. Now we have this 30-year gap between the films, so a lot of if is conjecture. It’s not specifically my story – Rey is now the protagonist.

“I think you’ll find some things that’ll surprise you. They certainly surprised me. I said to Rian, I think I fundamentally disagree with everything you’ve decided for me. Now having said that, I have to accept it, get my mind around it and do my best to realize your vision. Once I got into it, a lot of my fears went away. That’s why I enjoy Rogue One so much… because I’m not in it. This is a little too high-profile for me.”

So will we see him in Episode IX? “to be determined,” is all the actor will give…

Ok, so given what we see in the trailer, what does the ‘end’ of the Jedi mean?

Speaking to ABC, Hamill said: “There’s a difference between teaser and a trailer. A teaser is supposed to show you dynamic images that heighten your awareness and make you want to see the trailer, but avoid all story points if at all possible. [But] I think that’s the only story point that’s in the teaser, which is Luke saying it’s time for the Jedi to end… It was as shocking to me to read what Rian Johnson had written as I’m sure it will be for the audience”.

Taking it to the furtherest possible extreme, could Luke destroy the Jedi and turn to the Darkside?  “It’s possible,” says Hamill, “anything’s possible.”

Ok, so will we see the Skywalker story continue beyond this new trilogy? With or without Luke?

Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy said: “I certainly foresee movies past nine. Whether or not we carry on the Skywalker saga… you know, George always intended nine movies, and whether we continue that or not is something we’re talking about right now. If the story warrants it, we’ll absolutely do it. If it actually inspires new ideas, then we’ll probably head in that direction. We just don’t know yet.”

What do you all think? Will we see the Skywalker legacy continue? Will Luke turn to the Darkside? Will he survive the new movie? Let us know…

Marc is a self-confessed nerd. Ever since seeing Star Wars for the first time around 1979 he’s been an unapologetic fan of the Wars and still believes, with Clone Wars and now Underworld, we are yet to see the best Star Wars. He’s a dad of two who now doesn’t have the time (or money) to collect the amount of toys, comics, movies and books he once did, much to the relief of his long-suffering wife. In the real world he’s a graphic designer. He started Following the Nerd because he was tired of searching a million sites every day for all the best news that he loves and decided to create one place where you can go to get the whole lot. Secretly he longs to be sitting in the cockpit of his YT-1300 Corellian Transport ship with his co-pilot Chewie, roaming the universe, waiting for his next big adventure, but feels just at home watching cartoons with his kids….