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FTN REVIEW: Special Preview Event – Dice Masters: Age of Ultron

July 30th, 2015 by StealthBuda Comments

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Date and Time: 23/07/15 – 19:00 GMT
Location: Loading Bar – Dalston – London – UK
Special Preview Event – Dice Masters: Age of Ultron

This weekend saw the release of the latest edition to the Dice Masters catalogue and the third instalment in the Marvel Dice Masters universe, Dice Masters: Avengers – Age of Ultron. I had the special privilege of attending a preview event hosted by Esdevium Games at the Loading Bar in London.

For those who don’t know, Dice Masters games are collectable Dice games based around some of the world’s leading franchises, Marvel, DC, Dungeons and Dragons and YuGiOh. Players face off against each other with special dice collected from starter and booster packs, taking it in turns to add character dice to their dice pools and attack their opponents.

Each player starts with 8 sidekick dice and each turn buys character dice based on what they can afford with their roll. What you can afford is dictated by the character cards you are playing and how much their dice values are. There are different types of the same characters, some with cheaper dice, but weaker abilities, others with more expensive dice and crushing abilities. Once you buy dice, they go into your dice pool and give you chances of rolling characters (stats detailed on the dice) or higher character dice buying abilities. You can also buy action dice, from a central pool (available to both players) that roll energy for buying characters, or set of special actions.

Each turn you roll four random dice out of your dice pool and when they are spent you refill from the used pile, which includes dice you have previously bought.

You attack your opponent by rolling characters off the character die, which lets you keep them in defence, or straight away head for your opponent to do damage. All stats are shown on the dice and some are augments by the * symbol, which points your towards the characters special ability detailed on the characters card you have selected.

The 2 player starter set includes everything you need for two players to play using their favourite characters from the following roster:

Black Widow
Captain America
Iron Man

It includes three cards (of which you chose one to play) and two dice for each character.

There’s more than enough scope for many varied games using just the starter set, but your games can be supplemented by buying a booster pack that includes two random character cards and one dice for both of those characters.

I had never played a Dice Masters game before sitting at the Preview event, but within the first run through with the demo staff, I was already working out strategies and tactics. It has a very simple to learn rules platform, but with the many varied character selection opportunities (which expand further when combined with the other Marvel playsets) it creates a hugely challenging gameplay experience.

A huge thank you to Esdevium Games for inviting me to the event and for allowing me to play and to the Loading Bar for their lovely venue (and great BeverAge of Ultron drinks menu).

I’m off to put together my Giant Man / Hulk Dice Masters: Avengers – AoU set.

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