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January 20th, 2013 by David Reynolds Comments

Greetings gamers and gamettes! The next few weeks will see a tonne of releases in trading card games and deck building games with new stuff from Konami, Cryptozoic and Bandai. But first let’s look at some rumours surrounding the next big wargaming release; Chaos Daemons.

Originally slated for release in summer 2013 it now looks like the Forces of the Empyrean could be hitting shelves as early as late February. Pictures of the new models have yet to surface but rumours suggest that a Warhammer Fantasy Army Book and a Warhammer 40,000 Codex will be released simultaneously with rules for a new Nurgle cavalry unit, chariots for Khorne and Tzeentch Daemons, and plastic kits for all 4 flavours of Greater Daemon with options for the named special characters (two heads for Kairos Fateweaver, a wingless back for Skarbrand).















The next Yu-Gi-Oh! release, Cosmo Blazer, comes out on Jan 25th. Ahead of this there’s a new collector’s tin containing 5 booster packs: 1 x Galactic Overlord, 2 x Return of the Duelist and 2 x Abyss Rising. The tin also comes with a secret rare version of the Prophecy Destroyer and is guaranteed to contain four super rare cards including Endless Decay, which has never before been released in Europe. Cosmo Blazer is an 86 card set that introduces the first support for the “Fire Fist” and “ZW” archetypes as well as some new XYZ monsters.

Betrayal of the Guardian is the next release in the World of Warcraft trading card game. This set is based around the time of the First War of Man vs. Orc. The release will feature both standard booster packs and Epic Collections containing a storage box, a playmat, a deck box, six Betrayal of the Guardian boosters, and five random foil heroes from the Timewalkers block.

Bandai have some new games out sure to impress fans of Resident Evil and Star Trek. The Resident Evil Deck Building Game allows you to take control of heroes Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine or the villainous Albert Wesker. Players start with only the most basic of items and weapons. As the game progresses, players build their arsenal with additional weapons, ammunition, action or Item cards to improve their chances of defeating the Infected!













You are the captain of a Federation Starship. You have a small crew of Ensigns and Lieutenants and a few Maneuvers up your sleeve. You must use your resources wisely to improve the quality of your cards to help you complete difficult missions, overcome unexpected Events, combat unknown enemies, and form diplomatic relationships to become a legendary Captain. Each game is stand-alone so you have everything you need to play right out of the box. However each game is also designed to be fully compatible with the other games, so you can mix and match the cards from The Next Generation and The Original Series to create your own custom scenarios.


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