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This fan theory about John Candy in Home Alone is so very insane we HAD to share it…

December 11th, 2015 by Marc 1 Comment

Not our usual thing but we really wanted to share this because we love it so much…

THE FTN PARANORMAL BLOG (08/05/13): Investigating the infamous Hellfire Club

May 8th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

PARANORMAL BLOG: Angie explores the world of the supernatural and this week she is investigating the Hellfinder Club, Dublin, a place many believe is an earthly dwelling of the Devil himself and is still to this day a place of the black arts…

TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Being Human S05E06 The Last Broadcast

March 11th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

It’s a sad day here at FTN as we say farewell to one of our favourite shows of the last five years… Being Human