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Must-Have Toys That Will Increase Your Young Girl’s Interest to STEM

August 17th, 2019 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

When it comes to advances in education, STEM has become at the forefront of modern educational tools with an aim to get young kids interested in learning.

The aim here is to get educators, parents, and inventors incorporate hands-on learning techniques at home and school. STEM has completely revolutionized the way young children learn by tailoring activities according to their age, gender, and interests. This year, we’ve witnessed an influx of stimulating toys; read on below to find out the must-have toys that are bound to keep your little girl interested in learning. 

Benefits of STEM 

Short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, STEM is a fantastic way of learning that aims to develop your child’s thinking skills. These subjects aren’t the easiest, and some children have difficulties accepting them. By using STEM toys, they have the chance to experience new learning techniques; they’re encouraged to be creative, innovative, as well as enhance their lateral and critical thinking skills. It improves their motor functions, cognitive skills, as well as their problem-solving techniques. 

Recommended Toys for Girls who STEM 

STEM knows no gender, but there are some toys that act like a starter-kit for girls who are still dabbling in this creative world. When you’re feeling a little lost, there are a ton of expert reviews online for the best STEM toys out there as well as in-depth buying guides intended to set you on the right path, whether you’re a parent or educator. We’ve also gathered some recommendations that will pique their interest: 

Anki Cozmo

Considered to be one of the best STEM toys in 2019, this little robotic toy (above) is jam-packed with endless educational games and features for ages 8 to up. Equipped with artificial intelligence, it can recognize your child as well as express emotions. They can play games as well as learn coding and programming with beginner or intermediate levels. Young girls will love connecting with this robotic pal! 

Scientific Explorer: My First Mind Blowing Science Kit 

One toy that will definitely encourage the little scientist within your little girl is this one. It’s packed with 20 pieces as well as interesting 11 different activities that cover the basics of science and will definitely engage your child. They can carry out experiments like making a color-changing volcano and growing majestic crystals as well as finding out ‘mind-blowing’ scientific secrets. Some activities need adult supervision, while others can be carried out independently by your child. 


GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine can be an ideal choice as it’s entertaining and budget-friendly. Girls will love how this toy is in a storybook form that allows them to construct and engineer tasks. They can do this through a female character that they can aspire to become; she guides them through the steps of creating a spinning machine and teaches them about belt drives. It’s perfect for girls aged 4 and up. 

For ages 7 and up, go for GoldieBlox and the Builder’s Survival Kit that allows young innovators to explore Goldie’s inventions. They can build many interesting things like dog houses, cars, instruments, and many others through the 190 pieces provided. This game encourages problem-solving, creative thinking, and enhances spatial skills. 

Osmo Genius Kit 

If your child is addicted to screen time, then you might as well take advantage of this by getting her an educational game to play on her tablet. This kit comes with five games that can be played by girls from ages 5-12. It combines screen activity with physical games like puzzles that will enhance their problem-solving skills as well as allow them to exercise their visual and spatial skills. It also teaches math, spelling, drawing, and other skills. 

Gravity Maze Marble Run 

This game, below, encourages planning and critical thinking skills in a fun way. It has around 60 challenges ranging from beginner to expert; it teaches your girls to make pathways that will carry the marble to the Target Tower. Girls aged 8 to up will be able to strategize and engineer plans. 

Think Fun Rush Hour Traffic 

Perfect for ages 8-13, girls will be able to use their reasoning and logical thinking skills with this game. It’s based on sliding blocks to make a pathway for one car to pass. It has around 40 challenges with varying levels enough to entertain anyone! 

The great thing about STEM toys is that any child is given the opportunity to explore many educational aspects in a fun and engaging way. It’s also highly beneficial as it enhances their creativity and critical thinking skills. 

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