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McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Comic Series Lurches On…

February 1st, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

McFarlane, once the top dog in the action figure world, have seen better days and focus mainly on American sports and Halo now.

There are still alot of fans of Todd’s work though, and they have finally announced Series 2 of their popular The Walking Dead comic series.

In wave 2 we will see Glenn get his debut in riot gear and featuring an impressive 28 points of articulation.

The even-more-threatening-than-the-undead Governer gets his first figure also, and has 28 points of articulation.

We also have his zombified daughter penny join the line, as well as Michionnes pet zombie and ex-lover Mike.

As you can see, they look like a huge improvement over series 1 and contain plenty of accessories.

Penny features an alternative head for Mike and ta-dah! Michonnes second favourite pet zombie Terry arrives to the party.

Expect these to hit shelves in June, followed shortly by a third wave based on the TV series.

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