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NECA set to release full Predator skull pack

August 3rd, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Missing a Skull? Fret not!

When NECA began release trophy skulls with their hugely successful Predator line, they had no overall plans for them.

But due to popular demand, they released the Predator 2 Trophy Wall seen briefly at the end of the movie, to house the skulls.

Alot of people bough repaints and variants they may not have wanted, simply to get the pack in trophys, and NECA did promise these were exclusively released with these figures, never to see the light again.

As we all know, money talks. To the anger of some fans, but to the relief of even more, NECA have bowed to the pressure and will be releasing ALL the skulls in one easy swoop.

“The PREDATOR – Limited Edition Trophy Skulls Pack has been designed exclusively for fans,” said Randy Falk, director of product development. “The pack is an opportunity for fans to purchase an assortment of 10 trophy skull collectibles at once, which will allow them to populate their trophy wall diorama or their displays at home.”

The only way to get this set of skulls in the uk will be through

The 10 skulls will come in a plain white box only, but who wouldnt want to open these up??

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