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Signal Boost! Kickstarter Round Up

May 22nd, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Dimesion drive

Legendgerry rounds up what’s good on kickstarter this week…

Some of you may have heard about Dimension Drive over the weekend, this video game Kickstarter was the subject of a fraudulent pledge, a user by the known as “Johnathan” pledged  $7000 to bring the project to it’s target funding, in the last 30 minutes of the campaign however Kickstarter informed the team that the pledge had been fraudulent. T

his news naturally enough devastated the team and the project failed to hit the target. However on Monday they announced, following encouragement from the Kickstarter staff and manyother people, they are steeling themselves to relaunch the project again.

I shouldn’t have to say it but don’t pledge if you can’t/won’t pay, it screws things up, not just for the people running the project but all those who support it as well.

We wish them the best of luck and they shall of course have their signal boosted when the renewed project goes live. You can read the full story on the original projects updates page.

On to this week’s selection:

They’ve rebooted the kettle!

MIITO – the sustainable alternative to the electric kettle

Yeah you have read that right, they have reinvented the kettle, by well getting rid of the kettle! MIITO heats the liquid in the vessel of your choice, using science that may as well be sorcery to most of us. Seriously, magic stick make liquid hot that’s all you really need to know. My mind is totally blown by this concept. the project is already funded so if you fancy one yourself click through from the video!


MUERTOS – Day of the Dead SKULL DICE

Yes dice do seem to be the flavour of the month on Kickstarter. Timothy Kremer, a veteran of two other successful gaming accessory Kickstarters has crafted a superb set of dice based on the day of the dead motif. Perfect for your horror or pirate based gamed 🙂  Have a look

 Watching the watch!

THE HALOGRAPH An Unusual Mechanical Automatic Watch by XERIC

The second Kickstarter from Xeric introduces The Halograph is an unusual looking watch, alongside the charm of it’s unique design it is also powered by a kinetic battery, meaning as long as you move about a bit every 36 hours you needn’t worry about it ever running out of juice. That said it’s a bit steep for my pockets however the fact it’s massively overfunded, (nearly $700,000 raised with an original target of $50,000) seems to indicate I may be in the minority there. Check it out:

As always if you want us to take a look at your kickstarter just contact us

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