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WATCH: Star Wars Black Series Boba Fett & Han Solo in Carbonite Celebration Europe Exclusive Set Review

August 16th, 2013 by Saxon Comments

Germany is where Germans come from.

Its also the place where Star Wars Celebration Europe was held this year, and we were there. (You may have read about it.) For years, ive always wanted a Han Solo figure, and the Hasbro booth at Celebration just so happened to have a particularly awesome 6″ Black Series Solo on display.  Naturally, with my stupid confusing funny-coloured Euros in my hand, I bounded over to the booth to buy one.  But my hard earned, yet poorly exchange-rated cash was rejected.

“Rejected?!” I hear you all cry through the internet, “But why, Saxon, why?!” Well, It seems that they were all just demonstration figures.  Fortunately they did happen to be selling a rare exclusive – a Boba Fett AND Han Solo set!  Fair enough, Han is covered in Carbonite, but a Solo is still a Solo.  So I picked one up. Below is the review – what do I make of it?  Will I recommend it?  Does it give me hope for the new Black Series figures to come?  Watch the video to find out, but I will say this;

Germany may be where Germans come from – but a damn good Star Wars figure came from there too.

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