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30 Saddest Moments In TV 10-1

October 24th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher 1 Comment








As Europe once sang “It’s the final countdown”.

You voted, put in your opinions and fought with each other. This list is by no means completley correct it is just the views of the FTN staff, FTN friends and some avid readers.
If your personal favourite never made it in then let us know what it was. You never know we might do this again one day.


10. Over The Wall (Blackadder Goes Fourth S01E06 ‘Goodbyeee’)

What: Blackadder was an original British comedy when that still meant something, it essentially followed the lineage of the Blackadder family patriarch through the years. Blackadder Goes Fourth is based in the trenches of World War I.

The Moment: After failing to trick the general into thinking he had lost his mind Blackadder and his men decide to follow the generals order for the big push towards the Germans. In doing so they all get shot and fall down dead, the scene then fades out the trenches then fades to a poppy field.

Why it’s Sad: The futility and pointlessness of war. Never has there been a war like WWI, a brutal, awful stain on history. So many people list their lives and Blackadder for all its silly comedy does a great job of immortalising these heroes who did what they could and sometimes followed orders that would get them killed.




9. Daryl Sees Merle as a Walker (The Walking Dead S03E15 ‘This Sorrowful Life’)

What: The popular comic book turned TV show sees a group of people try to survive in a zombie apocalypse.

The Moment: Merle has decided to go from being a horrible person to sacrificing himself, leading the walkers and the governor’s men to him for an OK Corral style standoff. When he dies he is inevitably turned into a walker when Daryl his brother finds him. What follows is Daryl having to kill his already dead brother then break down in anger and tears.

Why it’s Sad: Daryl is a much loved character in the show and he never shows that amount of emotion, he is essentially a big tough guy which makes it all the harder to watch him breaking down, showing just how horrible this world they live in really is.



8. Ben Sullivan’s Death (Scrubs S03E14 ‘My Screw Up)

What: Scrubs was once a massive comedy which was a sort of parody of the hospital dramas like ER. It was renowned for the amazing sarcastic wit of Dr Cox and the vivid crazy imagination flashes people had.

The Moment: Ben Sullivan is Dr Cox’s ex-wives brother, despite that they are very close. Ben was diagnosed with leukemia but went into remission and now is back for a check-up. When Dr Cox has to go out he leaves JD in care of his patients. When he returns JD tells him the patient had a cardiac arrest and died but we assume it was another patient as Ben is still there talking to Dr Cox.
At the end of the episode Dr Cox is standing in a suit and JD walks over to him, Dr Cox is still talking to Ben when JD questions him, he turns around to find Ben gone and figures out he is at Ben’s funeral.

Why it’s Sad: Ben was a likeable character and seemed to cheer Dr Cox up. The fact is we want to hold onto those we love forever and sometimes find it hard to let go, he hadn’t accepted Ben’s death and that’s why he was still there. It’s hard to let go but in the end we have to.



7. One Last Miracle (Sherlock S02E03 ‘The Reichenbach Fall)

What: A reimagining of Sherlock Holmes in modern London

The Moment: Sherlock has apparently leaped to his doom to save his friends, John Watson has seen his friend lying on the ground covered in blood and it comes the day to bury him. After the ceremony Watson stands at the grave and bend down, he quietly asks Holmes to perform “One last miracle, be alive”. The camera pans back and we see Sherlock standing behind a tree watching his friend.

Why it’s Sad: The emotion that Martin Freeman portrays at this point is astounding. We form close bonds to our friends and even although Holmes and Watson don’t seem like the best of friends they really do need each other. We know Sherlock is still alive but seeing the hurt and pain in Watsons face and the need for his friend to come back is heartbreaking.



6. Not Penny’s Boat (Lost S03E22 ‘Through the Looking Glass’)

What: A show that revolves around survivors of a plane crash on some mysterious island. It was once the biggest show on TV but has dwindled in popularity since its end.

The Moment: Charlie unblocks the signal jammer in the looking glass station but in doing so seals his own fate. Locking the door to save the others and remaining in place to fulfil his destiny, all to save Claire and Aaron. He speaks to Penny through the computer who tells him it is not her boat offshore and in his last moments he writes on his hand ‘Not Penny’s Boat’ to warn the others.

Why it’s Sad: Another beloved character takes the plunge (sorry) and in such a heroic if albeit stupid way. He is fulfilling Desmond’s prophecy to save Claire and Aaron and at the same time trying to warn the others. For a character that came full circle from drug addict to hero it’s a sad way to die.




5. Buffy’s Mum Dies (Buffy The Vampire Slayer S05E15 ‘The Body’)

What: A show that revolved around a teenage girl who was a vampire slayer and her friends as they go through high school, college and eventually adult life.

The Moment: Buffy comes home and finds her mum lying there cold and dead on the couch. She tries to revive her but cannot. The saddest part is probably Anya’s speech “Anya: I don’t understand how this all happens. How we go through this. I mean, I knew her, and then she’s- There’s just a body, and I don’t understand why she just can’t get back in it and not be dead anymore. It’s stupid. It’s mortal and stupid. And-and Xander’s crying and not talking, and-and I was having fruit punch, and I thought, well, Joyce will never have any more fruit punch ever, and she’ll never have eggs, or yawn or brush her hair, not ever, and no one will explain to me why.”

Why it’s Sad: Joyce was a great character and seemed like a brilliant mum, they really played a great card with Anya because she doesn’t understand human things as she used to be a demon, it’s a really good look at death and how horrible it really is. She says what we are all thinking when someone important dies.



4. Wills Dad Leaves Again (The Fresh Prince Of Bell-Air S04E24 ‘Papa’s got a brand new excuse’)

What: The launch of Will Smith’s career, a comedy about a young boy from Philly who moves in with his Aunt and Uncle in the affluent area of Bel-Air.

The Moment: Will’s Dad who has been absent from his life for 14 years comes back and spends some time with Will, they talk about taking a trip together but in the end his Dad leaves him again. Will angrily goes into a long speech about how he doesn’t need his father, at the end he breaks down crying and says to Uncle Phil “Why don’t he want me man”.

Why it’s Sad: For a comedy show they did have their serious moments but none more so than this. It is some of Will Smiths best acting and he brings a whole new level to his character. Even for someone whose father never left it is heartbreaking to watch Will realise he doesn’t need his Dad but fail to understand why his Dad can just walk away. If you aren’t reaching for the tissues after this one you are a monster.


3. The Doctor Wipes Donna’s Memories (Doctor Who S04E14 ‘Journey’s End’)

What: Only one of the most popular shows being made in Britain right now. The story follows a time lord in his adventures across time and space, usually involving saving humans.

The Moment: Donna Noble has just taken on the consciousness of a time lord, saved the universe and the Doctor. In doing so she put herself in danger and now her mind is degrading, to save her the Doctor has to wipe her mind of everything they have done together, she looks at him and says “We were going to be together forever” knowing that she must go.

Why it’s Sad: Donna went from the most annoying companion to one of the most loved, she has just saved everyone and realised her potential but now that will all disappear. It is hard seeing her at the end being back to her obnoxious awful self. We loved the Donna transition and nothing is more hurtful than seeing her as that person again.




2. Dr Sam Beckett Never Returned Home (Quantum Leap S05E22 ‘Mirror Image’)

What: A show about a man who can time travel within his own timeline, leaping into the bodies of others in order to help them or someone around them.

The Moment: Sam has leaped into himself on the day of his birth in a mysterious bar, what follows is him questioning why he leaps and how it’s possible, questioning God and fate. He decides to fix Al’s life by leaping to Al’s wife who is dancing on her own, he tells her Al is alive and will be home, she is to wait for him.
Once he leaps again the credits come up telling us Al and his wife remained happily married for 40 years and that Sam Beckett never returned home.

Why it’s Sad: It’s hard to say if it’s the fact Sam never made it home and is still out there helping people or that he decided to help Al whilst jeopardizing his own future.
There has been a lot of conversation about this episode since it aired but one thing is for sure, we will miss Sam.




1. Seymour Waits For His Master (Futurama S04E07 ‘Jurassic Bark’)

What: A show about a pizza delivery guy who accidently gets frozen to thaw 1000 years later.

The Moment: Fry finds his fossilized dog and wants to clone it. When he finds out it is 15 he decides to stop the process thinking since he only had Seymour until he was 3 that the dog wouldn’t remember him and probably moved on.
A flashback show Seymour never left the front of the pizzeria, eventually closing his eyes forever at age 15.

Why it’s Sad: Seymour was so faithful he never left thinking his master would be back soon. Non animal lovers may not understand this but the loyalty of a pet stands above a lot of things, in real life this is seen time and time again with dogs never leaving their masters grave side. Proving a dog is for life and not just a few years. I can’t write anymore, tears are dripping onto the keyboard…

So that’s the list. What did you think?
Did your favourite make it onto the list?
Have we missed something fundamental out?
Do you want more lists like this?

Let us know in the comments.


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