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Capaldi Confirmed to Return for Doctor Who Series 9, Coleman Uncertain

November 17th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

As in all things, the impact of having a new character on a series can make or break the show. This is emphatically true for Doctor Who, which constantly switches the titular Doctor every few years. When Peter Capaldi was announced, there were rumors that he might only last one season. Thankfully, we’ve received confirmation via The Hollywood Reporter that Capaldi will be back for Series 9 of the popular sci-fi show. As for Clara Oswald, aka Jenna Coleman, the future is not so certain…

“Yes he’s confirmed” said showrunner Steven Moffat during the launch of the DVD release of the eighth season of Doctor Who. No mention was made of Clara Oswald though and her status. It’s curious for two reasons. One, at the end of the season finale both Clara and the Doctor appeared to agree to go their own separate ways. However, a clip of the Doctor Who Christmas Special showed that Clara was back in some capacity. Is this a true goodbye like what Matt Smith did last year? Or is the beginning of the return of Clara? We’ll find out.

Oh, and in case you were curious about the ratings of Doctor Who this series, it’s actually rather good. The show averaged 7.4 million every week within the United Kingdom alone. Then in the US the show saw a boost in viewership of around 23%. Pretty sure that’s the reason Capaldi is coming back. Why abandon a Doctor when he’s bringing in the ratings, right?

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