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Get ready for Peter Pan drama The League Of Pan

October 30th, 2014 by Derek Robertson Comments

A modern day twist on Peter Pan titled League of Pan, has landed at Fox with a script commitment plus penalty (which means it’s got a pretty good prospect of getting picked up). The mystery drama was borne at 20th Century Fox TV and studio-based Imagine Television. Andrew Miller – developer/exectutive producer of CW’s The Secret Circle – has written the treatment for League of Pan, which is being described as “a grounded, edgy soapy thriller featuring updated versions of all our favourite Neverland characters.”

It is set 15 years after the Lost Boys have left Neverland. Now men and estranged, the Lost Boys find themselves back together after realizing somebody is killing them off one-by-one. To solve the mystery they will have to overcome all the bad blood and bitter rivalries that initially forced them out of Neverland and will have to seek the magic that once made them fearless. League of Pan will be set in contemporary Los Angeles.

Miller will executive produce with Imagine’s Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo.

Just over two season ago 20th Century Fox TV and Imagine had an initial stab at getting the greenlight wheh they optioned a script from newcomer Brian McCauley Johnson with the idea of bringing in a showrunner to streamline a script based on the premise. Now, Miller will write a new script, with Johnson getting a producer credit for the initial treatment.

The Lost Boys originated in J.M. Barrie’s play Peter Pan, and were boys lost by their nannies and whisked off to Neverland to live with Peter Pan. In Barrie’s play and his successive novel, the Lost Boys return to London to live with their family, whilst in the Disney movies they stay at Neverland with Peter.

20th Century Fox TV and Imagine have pretty much made Peter Pan the zeitgeist since the optioned the script for League Of Pan. There is ABC’s fairytale drame Once Upon A Time that ran a Peter Pan arc, also NBC have a single-camera modern-day romantic comedy called Wendy and Peter, which is inspired by Peter Pan, and has a script order with penalty. Also, NBC has the upcoming Peter Pan Live!, a live viewing of the Broadway musical.

Digital Fortress – based on Dan Brown’s novel – is also another show that Imagine TV and 20th Century Fox TV have set up at ABC with a put pilot commitment.

Source: Deadline

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