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Hannibal star Dancy not as optimistic about show’s returning as he once was

January 8th, 2023 by Marc Comments

One series in the last few years that teased many times that it may return is Hannibal – however, now co-star Hugh Dancy, who played Will Graham in the hit series, has pointed out that it may not happen at all.

The NBC series, based on Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter books ran for three wonderfully macabre and gruesome seasons starting in 2015 and then ended with fans hoping that someday in the future, the story may be picked up again as the story called for a break for several years at that stage in story.

Indeed, star Mad Mikkelsen, who plays the titular Hannibal Lecter, said as much several times and showrunner Bryan Fuller said just last year: “The great thing about the fact that if we are going to be meeting them and it takes five, six, seven years until we’re meeting them, that’ll just be how long they’ve been on the lam.”

However, now Dancy points out that the landscape of streaming, once hoped to be Hannibal’s saviour, has changed and could be to the show’s detriment: “[W]e keep saying, when we get asked, ‘Oh, we’d love to do it,’ which is true. Maybe it’ll take one of us to say, ‘I will absolutely never do a fourth season of Hannibal,’ but that would be a lie.

“I’m not exactly surprised [it hasn’t happened yet] because essentially, first and foremost, somebody has to write a fairly sizable check. I’m not talking about me being paid. I’m talking about the cost of making a season of television.

For a while, it seemed like the streamers were gonna be everybody’s saviour, in that respect, but now there’s been a cutoff there. There are shows that are watched by millions of people that don’t make it past a second season. So, I have no idea what that calculation is.”

Dancy says that, if it doesn’t happen soon “we may literally just age out of it, and the people online will start to say, ‘Well, actually, that might be slightly gross'”. 

Personally, I would love to see Hannibal return as I was pretty enamored with the show and I have no doubt that the cast are still in great shape and could walk back into the roles they filled so well and I don’t see that changing for a long, long times, so as long as they are all still saying they’d love to return, I’m going to be sitting here, holding out hope for its return.

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