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Joker To Be Modeled After Dark Knight Returns? Hugo Strange To Be In Suicide Squad?

March 14th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments



Rumors continue to swirl about the upcoming DC movie Suicide Squad. The first of which is once again focused on Jared Leto’s Joker.

The rumor goes that this version of the Joker will be modeled after the Frank Miller version seen in The Dark Knight Returns. As he’ll be very fit, and scars will all over his body. Furthermore, we’re apparently going to learn a lot about the Joker in the film, including his past crimes. One of which includes the murder of one of Batman’s sidekicks…

But wait, there’s more! Another big DC character is apparently going to make their movie debut in Suicide Squad. Psychiatrist Hugo Strange will allegedly be in the film, as Joker’s personal shrink. Oh that’ll go well…

Oh, and if you were wondering about the Harley/Joker relationship? There’s supposed to be plenty of interaction between the two.

Suicide Squad arrive August 5, 2016.

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